Hi Guys!

Are you looking for a fluent English personal trainer?

Whether you are starting a new fitness regime or you may have been working out for a while, I believe that you deserve a little help to attain the results you have been working towards.

I can help you with the followings:

exercise prescription and instructions,
- customized diet planning,
- extra motivation during the trainings.

Moreover, it can be a huge help for you that you can turn to me with your questions related toHungary as well, for example to its culture, places, people, or anything else.

And at last but not least, I have already gained international experiences with clients from more than 10 different countries!

If you decided to give it a try, contact me on any of the below:

Mobile: +36 30 339 0576,
Facebook: Csizmadia Áron,
E-mail: csizmadia.aron@gmail.com

The first personal training is free!