Dear guests!

I am Viktória Sárosi, a personal trainer. Important to the sport, but I am convinced that a lot depends on proper installation practices, so keep a personalized workout more effective. During the exercise maximum attention to my guest, the correct execution of exercises, motivate and help them. I consider it important to create a good atmosphere during training sessions. My goal is to those people who want to change their lifestyles, provide assistance to achieve their desires.

Insulin resistance affects many people these days, terribly ungrateful state. Familiar to virtually no carbohydrates you eat, it is very easy to get fet? Often hungry during a high blood pressure may also, feel tired and sleepy especially after meals? In addition, more fat is only with great difficulty you place in a diet? From personal experience, I know, it can be very much improved on the basic dietary and lifestyle changes, regular exercise. If you suffer a similar problem, would you like to lose weight or build muscles and ready for the commitment to achieve your goals, you can feel free to look up, I'll be your personal trainer!